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Biszon Flexipack Sdn Bhd was established in year 2014, specializing in flexible packaging to meet International standards serving the food and non-food industries in the local market of Malaysia, South East Asia and the global market.

Today, with combination of the most advanced technologies, we ensure that our printing standard will acquire clients’ requirements. Fret not, with the technology and equipment that we have for designing and manufacturing our food and nonfood packaging, we are able to produce food packaging that are ecstatic, functional and cost-effective. In addition to this, our flexible plastics are guaranteed to meet the GMP and ISO9001: 2015 standards.

Biszon is also certified by a well-known food safety standard, Food Safety System Certification [(FSSC) 22000]. FSSC22000 is an internationally recognized certification that demonstrates a
commitment to food safety.

With our new well-thought of innovation that comes with amazing barrier properties with great quality and low carbon footprint, we are able to elevate & assist you to make well-informed and sustainable purchasing choices that will benefit at large.

We are committed to deliver our exceptional service and quality for flexible printing each and every day and strive to provide flexible packaging solutions that deliver distinction to our customers’ product enabling us to stand on par with other international food and nonfood packaging equipment manufacturers.

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‘Our recycling approach introduces ecological solutions for better sustainability’.

Ong Sin , Executive Director



At Biszon, our success, besides having the latest in technology, revolves around our people. Committed, well-trained, with passion and enthusiasm, have brought about a successful path in reaching our goals in our flexible packaging and printing enterprise.

Well focused and with continuous improvement in honing of their skills, our people have always surpassed our customer’s expectations and have been guided never to compromise on the integrity of our products and services. Upholding our brand integrity, we assure that our customer service has its own standard of excellence thus has become one of the leading food packaging manufacturers and suppliers in Malaysia.

Whilst providing a diverse and rewarding environment, Biszon believes in giving its people the opportunity to grow and with advancement of their profession.



We make sure the packaging and product are protected and complied with food safety. We also made it our stride to provide sustainable green packaging.


We aim in the quality of our packaging with consistent print to ensure you receive the paramount of your requirement.


Our customer service is what we are proud of as we provide professional service throughout the entire development process and post-production.