Biszon Flexipack

Flexlite PP


Recycable Monolayer PP Material
Flexlite PP

FlexlitePP, like the other ranges of recyclable option offered by Biszon Team. We design and propose this solution with recycling and sustainability in mind. This range of solution provides different levels of barrier properties, by which its highest grade of barrier layer in this range is comparable aluminum / foil layer. Its great oxygen and moisture barrier are able to prolong shelf life for highly sensitive products up to 1 to 1.5 years.

Explore this recyclable solution with fantastic barrier properties with us today.


  • Applied in Food & Beverage, Pharmaceutical & Personal Care
  • Suitable for highly sensitive product; e.g infant formula, coffee powder
  • Low Carbon Footprint option
  • Conscious Branding
  • Excellent barrier propertiese
  • Supplied in Bag or Rewind Format
  • Low permeability of oxygen and moisture